winter hair care

Winter is defiantly here - Theres nothing more comforting than being indoors, eating wholesome foods, curling up on the sofa in front of open fire and digging into a bag of Maltesers. well thats how i spend my Sunday! Anyway , being in a warm environment after being out in the cold seems great, but not for our hair! Central heating really dries our hair and skin out, especially if your hair is over processed and lacks moisture! However, there are ways of controlling it. Simple daily steps to keep your locks well maintained through semi hibernation! I personally would use a lightweight conditioning/protein spray , it seals the cuticle and is easy to blow-dry into the hair before leaving for your commute to work. Using heavy conditioners that are hard to wash out really weigh your hair down - we all love volume in our hair and winter really dampens our 30 min work out with the hairdryer! we offer a wide range of conditioning sprays , easy to use and from as little as £10.00 for 250ml of pure assistance!

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