System Professional

We are now an exclusive stockist of System Professional - Prescriptive hair care for clients to take away and really see true power of this product. EnergyCode mapping is a consultation dedicated to haircare, with a diagnostic formula, the information that is input to our in salon tablets will create a unique combination of hair care products that suit the individual. for example (R1,S2,H3+L4) The letter represents the range and the number represents the product within the range R1 = REPAIR , 1 = Shampoo = Repair shampoo R1. With four categories in the whole range everything is covered, with an additional range that is extra - more of a developed aftercare product than a more frequent product. We will soon be having a EnergyCode mapping event - Free glass of bubbly on arrival and your own energy code sachets to trial out! stay updated for more information .

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